Into the subconscious ...

How much does our subconscious influence our day-to-day experience? Apparently, up to 99 per cent of our perception, decisions and reactions are steered by the subconscious. This sounds as if a programme is running us, similar to the software running a computer. This "programming" is useful, because many decisions have to be taken faster than we can consciously take them. Many reactions have to happen immediately, there is no time for weighing up pros and cons.

And these programmes in our subconscious can also work against us. They actually do all the time. "I am not loveable", "Life is tough", "I will never find a job" ... These are only some of the many convictions we can carry around from childhood on. And we inadvertedly align our lives with them - unconsciously of course. We selectively notice when somebody rejects us, and overlook the many caring encounters. We live through tough times, actually don't find a job ...

Every aspect of your life which is not congruent with your idea of how it ”should” be has probably some old "programme" running in the background. The background – that is your subconsious. You can take this fact as a given, or you can start bringing these convictions up into your awareness. This way they change nearly automatically. If you want to do that, I am happy to accompany you.

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