Focus March 2019: Endometriosis

I am currently offering some specified coaching for women with endometriosis. And this is why:


There is no real cure for endometriosis yet. Instead, it seems that this so very painful illness responds especially well to inner work (and not well at all to invasive medical treatments).


This got me thinking. As you know, with Soul-based Coaching I am all about guiding people to get in contact with their inner wisdom. And I have watched many clients making big steps in their development by finding answers which nobody else can give them.

Additionally, for many years I have been fascinated by the language of the body and its connection with the subconscious. When practicing Craniosacral therapy I learned how to address subconscious and stuck emotions by physical touch. And now, as a Soul-based Coach I start at the other end: the non-physical. I solely work with the client's inner pictures. This way they establish a solid connection with their subconscious and learn to understand and communicate with it directly. As a result they gain access to their own deepest knowing about the given topic.


With all of this ... I come to you with this offer:

March 2019: Special price for coaching around endometriosis

Women suffering from endometriosis, who contact me before the end of March 2019, will get 4 coaching sessions for the total price of 250 Euros (normal price: 480 Euros). Of course this is not an instant cure. What you can expect: Deep insights into your soul-knowing about your illness and very probably a good start into your personal journey to getting better. In return for this extra-low charge I ask you for your feedback on your coaching experience, so that other women understand more easily what to expect from this type of coaching.

Interested? – You can simply use the contact form below. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you ...


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