How gentleness can speed things up

I am not interested in tying you to my services for a long time. Instead, I am here for you whenever you need immediate clarity and development in a specific area. So that you can lead your life the way you want to.

This is probably due to that drive in me to get things done – now. I have always been looking for the fast lane, the direct way to the solution. And I certainly didn't always find it! But this style of coaching can provide that fast lane – if you are ready for it. If not, we take everything in your own stride. Step by step, so you can integrate things at your pace. You don't even have to know your pace in advance, it will show itself automatically.

And all that time I will hold a gentle, gentle space for you.

– Gentle and fast at the same time? Yes, this is the interesting thing: gentleness can open this safe space where inner change can happen a lot quicker than any pressure could ever manage. So, whenever you are ready for a near-immediate change, I am here for you. I will hold space for what is right now, and for what wants to develop in you. No judgment, no advice. I know that your personal change will unfold once given this gentle, gentle space where everything is OK.

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