Is something boiling up inside you?

You need release. Yes. Anger wants to be heard and you need to be safe while you let it out. Sadness wants to be felt and you need to be held while you let it go through you. It is not about knowing the facts and the story, it is about feeling. Feeling those emotions is "exposing the absolute truth". When we truly feel them without fighting them and without projecting them onto somebody else, they can finally leave our cells and make space for something different.


Anger, grief, guilt and shame can feel very threatening when we let them come forward. This is why we suppress them. We do it for our own safety, not because we are stupid or something. At the same time we feel how they eat us up from the inside. When you notice this, all you need to do for yourself (and you can do this), is to find an absolutely safe space. This usually includes an experienced person, or a group, who can hold all the extreme emotions with you and not crumble while you crumble. Someone who is not scared of your deepest anger and grief and who also knows that they will pass and you will come out of them again. Someone who doesn't want to fix you, because, really, there is nothing that needs fixing.

Every time you let some of this old stuck emotion come out, there will be a little bit of space inside of you for something new. And what would you like to fill this space with?



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