English · 28. January 2020
You need release. Yes. Anger wants to be heard and you need to be safe while you let it out. Sadness wants to be felt and you need to be held while you let it go through you. It is not about knowing the facts and the story, it is about feeling. Feeling those emotions is "exposing the absolute truth". When we truly feel them without fighting them and without projecting them onto somebody else, they can finally leave our cells and make space for something different. Anger, grief, guilt and shame...
English · 07. October 2019
I am not interested in tying you to my services for a long time. Instead, I am here for you whenever you need immediate clarity and development in a specific area. So that you can lead your life the way you want to. This is probably due to that drive in me to get things done – now. I have always been looking for the fast lane, the direct way to the solution. And I certainly didn't always find it! But this style of coaching can provide that fast lane – if you are ready for it. If not, we...

English · 24. February 2019
You might want to see this illness as an invitation to listen closely into your self. If so, please contact me before the end of March 2019 and get some very special coaching for a very special price.

English · 31. January 2019
How much does our subconscious influence our day-to-day experience? Apparently, up to 99 per cent of our perception, decisions and reactions are steered by the subconscious. This sounds as if a programme is running us, similar to the software running a computer. This "programming" is useful, because many decisions have to be taken faster than we can consciously take them. Many reactions have to happen immediately, there is no time for weighing up pros and cons. And these programmes in our...

English · 01. November 2018
Read about the most important tool in Soul-based Coaching and how it can change the client's reality. - And let yourself be carried away by the flow of the beautiful Inn River in the Austrian Alps.



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Ich arbeite hauptsächlich per online Video Call, auf Deutsch und auf Englisch.

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