Sigrun Saunderson

Soul-based Coach and

Trainer at the Academy for Soul-based Coaching

Photo: Tanneke Ouboter

Walk the walk

Go inwards, so that you can experience a new world on the outside.

I accompany you on this path with my questions.

You will arrive at yourself.

And from there, from within you,

your unfolding into the new begins all by itself.

Your real life, as it was actually meant to be.

"If you want to find yourself, you mustn't ask others the way." (Dr. Paul Watzlawick, Austrian philosopher und psychotherapist)

...and this is why I don't have any suggestions or answers for you. Instead, I only ask you questions. Very specific questions that guide you step by step on an exciting journey towards your own answers.


My tools:
Holding Space, Clean Language Questions, Systemic Modelling and your inner pictures.

This is not therapy. Therefore, my work does not replace psychotherapy nor medical help.

I believe in personal responsibility, because this is where your full power lies.

Talk the talk

Finding your authentic voice, and speaking (or writing) from there without mincing words any longer. And without fear of opposition.
Because it is important now.



5-day online workshop. If you are interested, please let me know!




Sigrun Saunderson

Spitalanger 18

A-7091 Breitenbrunn am Neusiedler See




Ich arbeite hauptsächlich per online Video Call, auf Deutsch und auf Englisch.


I work mainly via online call in German and English.

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