Gently into your inner strength

Mindful and gentle coaching that works with your innermost core.
From there, your inner strength can unfold by itself.
And change happens.

I am Sigrun...

...I am dieFragerin (translated from German as "the one who asks questions"). And I am a Soul-based Coach by passion. This means that I will always guide you through your sessions in a way that allows your tender innermost being to also feel safe. Your soul, your inner child, your deepest yearning... they are invited to show themselves, if they want to. And they don't have to. In any case, you will be at least one step closer to yourself with each session. 
My tools: Holding space, Clean Language, Systemic Modelling and your inner pictures.

I am...

The power of gentleness

To follow the path of your soul requires mindful gentleness.
The soul is incredibly tender, and at the same time so wise and resilient. Like the petals of a rose or a lotus flower. As a coach, when I want to touch someone's innermost part, I must approach it with the same tenderness.
Only when the space is filled with warm gentleness, when there is no judgement, no good nor bad, and when everything is allowed to be, will the next petal open up and spread its scent.
This is the power of gentleness.

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What you can expect

Definitely no "normal" coaching. I will not offer you tips or advice. Actually, I am pretty sure that you won't need them. Instead, I will ask some very special questions. They are special because they are free from any judgement. They will open a space for the things that want to show themselves to you so that you can reach your own goals. Very often, you will begin to speak in metaphors and sometimes you might even feel as though you are in a gentle trance. While you go on your inward journey, I make sure that you are safe and keep your focus. This is how you will reach an outcome that is 100 percent authentic for you and that usually integrates itself into your life with ease.
I am coaching mostly online - I am here for you, no matter where in the world you are. 

What my clients experienced

Gently landed

Dear Sigrun,

We have just finished our session. I feel blessed, I feel fulfilled, joyous and full of hope. You kept on asking, when long ago I would have stopped asking and indeed, had already stopped. You were weaving a net, tying the knots, building a strainer, through which – finally – the essence dripped through right in front of me. You are an artist, cushioning the gem that needs to be seen. Thank you. I am honoured to have learned and expanded with you.
(C.B. after her first session)

They just dissolve

In this space that you are holding I can say these things that I judge myself for. And they just dissolve. (S. K., Canada)

No stories needed – This really works

I felt supported and held during the whole coaching experience. I had the space to find my answers at my own pace. On the other hand, when I was trying to bypass some energy/detail you very gently brought that detail to be examined again. Very intuitive and skilful use of the questions! And the way this coaching method takes you into your inner energetic landscape is truly amazing. No stories needed. I loved the whole experience and I got way more out of it than I even expected. I would warmly recommend your coaching to anyone who is willing to go deep and take a look at the root of the issue. If you want transformation this really works. And changing your insides changes the outside.
(Jaana H., Norway) 

Deep releasing

Being coached by you is not only gentle and direct, but also powerful and healing! I am still feeling the resonances of the deep releasing and coming home to wholeness I experienced with you last month. It was such a beautiful and profound moment in my life, and I know I will keep remembering it for years to come.
(Kelsay M., California)

Empowered, and a clear Yes! to myself

Through your questions, I gained access to deep layers, inner pictures, and therefore to undiscovered resources. These pictures have a long-lasting effect. They fuel feelings and strengthen me in a subtle way. As if something in me had been empowered: expressing myself, an unshakeable and fearless standing up for myself, and a loud Yes! to myself. No matter what! Thank you for accompanying me on my journey, which made so much profound change and insight possible!
(Maria M., Austria)

The path to my inner truth

The wonderful thing about Sigrun's questions is that they put you on your own trail. There is no coaching, no judging, no analysing. Nobody says what is right or wrong, because there is only my truth, which I discover by being asked questions. It brings me "aha" moments, it makes me look closely. The pictures that come to the surface are unambiguous and guide me closer and closer towards my truth. What's more, Sigrun is a very empathic, warm-hearted person who I can fully entrust myself to.
(Bettina B., Austria)

More about me and my style of coaching

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