deep dive

This is for you, if you want clarity about a concise topic. This single session can take between 60 and 90 minutes.


1 session


€ 160

Open the pathway


for change

This is for you, when you want to comprehensively explore a problem or topic and, within a few weeks, find your solution from the inside to the outside.


package of 3 sessions


€ 390

each additional session on the same topic: € 130

Journey towards



This is for you, when you want to be accompanied on your path inwards for several months.


package of 10 sessions


€ 1,200


each additional session: € 120


Payment before start of the first session

I don't offer therapy. My work is no substitute to psychotherapy or a medical doctor.

Whoever faces my questions takes full responsibility for themselves.


Sigrun Saunderson

Spitalanger 18

A-7091 Breitenbrunn am Neusiedler See




Ich arbeite hauptsächlich per online Video Call, auf Deutsch und auf Englisch.


I work mainly via online call in German and English.

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