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Gently into your inner strength

Mindful and gentle coaching that works with your innermost core.
From there, your inner strength can unfold by itself.
And change happens.

The key is called Yin

Yin: The feminine power

Being soft, open, creative and unpredictable. Flowing, leaning back, receiving, feeling (instead of thinking), being (instead of doing)... Yin – the female half of life – is neglected in many people. By the way, this applies to men as well as to women. The feminine energy (and this has nothing to do with man/woman) is healing, wide and feels like coming home. In order to give it more space, you don't have to adhere to a Far Eastern philosophy. Yin will definitely help you find more inner balance anyway. In my coaching and my workshops, I consciously use this feminine Yin energy constantly. You will feel it. Just lean in and let yourself be carried for a while. Old topics are allowed to show up, old emotions come up when the time is right. Along the way, together we solve what is blocking you or otherwise occupying you. You will find your own solution and emerge stronger from each session.

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I am Sigrun ...

... and I work with the power of gentleness.

To follow the path of the soul requires mindful gentleness.
The soul is incredibly tender, and at the same time so wise and resilient. Like the petals of a rose or a lotus flower. As a coach, when I want to touch someone's innermost part, I must approach it with the same tenderness.
Only when the space is filled with warm gentleness, when there is no judgement, no good nor bad, and when everything is allowed to be, will the next petal open up and spread its scent.
This is the power of gentleness.


This means that I will always guide you through your sessions in a way that allows your tender innermost being to also feel safe. Your soul, your inner child, your deepest yearning... they are invited to show themselves, if they want to. And they don't have to. In any case, you will be at least one step closer to yourself with each session. 

My tools: Holding space, the feminine energy of Yin, Clean Language, Systemic Modelling and your inner pictures.

I am...

  • Certified Soul-based Coach (working in both English and German) 

  • Trainer at the Academy for Soul-based Coaching

  • Life coach in training under supervision


These are topics that I can support you with

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DieFragerin – Sanftes Coaching

Big changes

  • When you are faced with an important decision and feel insecure,

  • when something has already changed in your life and you are looking for support to cope with it

  • when you've been longing for a change for a long time, but it just doesn't want to happen


e.g.: relationship problems, job change, job loss, divorce, illness, family life,...

DieFragerin – Sanftes Coaching

Getting out of bad habits

  • When you actually know what you want to change, but you just can't do it on your own ​


e.g.: quit smoking or eating habits, turn off negative thought carousel,... ​

DieFragerin – Sanftes Coaching

Mental / spiritual growth

  • When you feel disoriented,

  • when you lack inner drive,

  • when you want to develop your strengths,

  • when you want to boost your confidence,

  • when you want to get to know yourself better,

  •  when you want to develop your personal unfolding


​... then there is probably no better support than the journey to your inner images.

Gently landed


Dear Sigrun,

We have just finished our session. I feel blessed, I feel fulfilled, joyous and full of hope. You kept on asking, when long ago I would have stopped asking and indeed, had already stopped. You were weaving a net, tying the knots, building a strainer, through which – finally – the essence dripped through right in front of me. You are an artist, cushioning the gem that needs to be seen. Thank you. I am honoured to have learned and expanded with you.

C. B. after her first session


Komm ins Yin!

Hast du Lust, ab und zu per E-Mail in deine Yin-Energie „hineininspiriert" zu werden? Hier kannst du meine Yin-Post abonnieren:

Vielen Dank und bis bald!

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