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More space for the Yin: The feminine side of coaching

Coaching makes you think of gathering facts, setting goals, considering possible solutions, developing strategies, etc. This classic type of coaching is not a bad thing, it is just completely head-heavy: a thoroughly masculine approach that is characterized above all by mental work and action. And if in a certain situation mental work and action are required, then this is exactly the right style of coaching.


And then there is the "Yin": soft, permissive, emotional. This is about the deep, mostly hidden layers of being, the inner images, the emotional parts of every decision, whether conscious or unconscious. Everything flows here. Coaching that takes the Yin principle into account does not give any guidelines, but accepts everything exactly as it is. Without judgment and without suggestions for change. The coach creates and maintains an imaginary space for the client's unique truth. Only then can this truth actually emerge and be seen. And this is where it gets exciting. In this imaginary space, everything is allowed. And everything here has the same value. So there is no good and no bad. What does exist, however, are things that you want more of - more freedom, for example, finally a fulfilling job, more time for yourself or a smoke-free life - and those things that you feel are preventing you from achieving this.


In our Yang-dominated world, we would make a list at this point and develop strategies on how to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. As your coach, I prefer to give space to the Yin principle and let you simply feel and feel again. Because through feeling, the channels to your own inner wisdom open up, which begins to change your inner images as if by itself, in order to make your goal possible both inside and out. This is the only way lasting change can happen from the inside out. Because YIN nourishes and allows growth.


I think the world needs a lot more YIN anyway.

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