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What you can feel can become real

As a Soul-based Coach, I work a lot with metaphors: inner pictures that we all use a lot in our daily conversations. Only, we rarely pay much attention to them. It is worth it though. Not only to explore our inner landscapes, but also to feel them through our bodies. Especially the ones we want more of. Because what you feel has a big chance to become reality. Yes, first you feel, then it becomes real. Not the other way round!


It is especially exciting when you can find your inner picture on the outside and dive into it. This is what hapened for me last weekend. For some time i had been wanting to feel more flow in my life, instead of that constant feeling of struggle. Not only had I the privilege to be coached by another Soul-based Coach, but a frew days later I also went for a walk with my sister down to the river Inn (Tyrol, Austria). And there it was: the flow!


I could not stop watching the sparkling river, listening to its gurgling and splashing ... I felt totally immersed in the moving water and literally experienced its flow in my body. With it came the feeling of ease that I so wished for. The flow was right here. I even stepped into the water. Freezing cold, but hey, I did it!


Feeling and embodying that thing that you are yearning for is an important part of every Soul-based Coaching session. And don't worry: you don't have to swim in freezing water to do it (although it helps to actually act out your metaphor in real life). It also works by just following the constant stream of clean questions, which lead you directly into your experience and towards your desired change. During the session you start to feel what it would be like for you, once your desired outcome comes true. And then you automatically find ways of making it happen. Because what you can feel can become real.


And what would YOU like to have happen?


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